About us

The Sword Stall is a family run business that was started in the late 1980's . We used to specialize in Film & TV toys and collectibles but were asked if we could get certain film swords in stock for customers. This grew over time and with the opportunities presented to us when other rival companies left the industry we expanded to what we are today. 

Trading at all the major Anime and film conventions around the country we try our hardest to offer great items at a good price whilst keeping the high quality and customer service we would want to receive ourselves.

The Team:

Directors: Adrian & Heidi

Managers: Dave & Luke 2

Section Leaders: Luke 1 , Sue , Will , Winta , Andy and David

Convention sales: Callum , Charlee , Mikie  & Sam

If you are interested in coming to a show as a volunteer (Store credit earned)  please email us at swordstall@gmail.com


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Although we may seem like a large team most of the time there is just the directors available who also have other commitments in the workplace. Please allow us a little leaniancy in time while dealing with any questions or orders, you are important to us and we will get to you as soon as we can.